Bruker AFM Probes presents the world’s first family of probes specifically targeted at delivering the highest resolution on bio-samples.  From individually isolated biomolecules to 2D moecular lattices, Bruker now offers a PeakForce-HiRs fluid probe to suit your high resolution needs.

Delivers highest resolution on molecular lattices.
– k = 0.35 N/m
– Tip radius = 1 nm
– 10 probes

Lattice structure of Bacteriorhodopsin (bR) taken on an inverted optical microscope with BioScope Resolve.  Inset showing a single particle averaging of the bR trimer.  Green circle showing a single lattice defect.  Blue circle showing the lattice substructures. Z scale 0.6 nm.


Delivers highest resolution on single biomolecules.
– k = 0.12 N/m
– Tip radius = 1 nm
– 10 probes

Continuous imaging of the DNA double helix obtained while operating on an inverted optical microscope.  Both the major and minor grooves, 2.2 nm and 1.2 nm respectively, are clearly resolved over the entire DNA strand.  150 nm scan size.  Movie playback speed 9x.


December 9, 2015

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