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Broadband Probes

For The World’s Fastest Atomic Force Microscope

Three new models of probes are now available for use in air and fluid, with scanning speeds of up to 1,400 kHz.  Specifically engineered for use with the new Dimension FastScan AFM, our FastScan probes provide an unprecedented scan speed with no loss of image quality.

FASTSCAN-A, for use with FastScan in Air. 10-Pack, 1,400kHz, 18N/m, Aluminum Reflective Coating

FASTSCAN-B, for use with FastScan in Fluid. 10-Pack, 450kHz, 1.8N/m, Titanium/Gold Reflective Coating

FASTSCAN-C, for use with FastScan in Fluid. 10-Pack, 250kHz, 0.8N/m, Titanium/Gold Reflective Coating