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Introducing Bruker’s New Conductive Platinum Silicide SCM-PtSi Probe

Bruker AFM Probes recently introduced three new probes to help AFM researchers get the best characterization information possible during studies that require collection of precise electrical conductivity measurements. These probes enable the highest resolution nanoelectrical measurements while delivering exceptional durability.

Depletion width of <10 nm resolved reliably with SCM-PtSi probes. Sample courtesy of IMEC.

Depletion width of Sample courtesy of IMEC.

One of these is the new platinum silicide AFM probe, model SCM-PtSi, which is an ideal choice for scanning capacitance microscopy (SCM) measurements on the most advanced semiconductor features. It provides the unique combination of increased hardness for outstanding wear resistance and enhanced conductive properties to provide the highest resolution electrical imaging possible. The probes have proven to deliver consistent performance with a long lifetime. The hardness of the SCM-PtSi tip has been increased substantially, resulting in the tip’s ability to remain sharp through successive SCM imaging without losing sensitivity or resolution, making it ideal for studies of advanced technology node (

Other applications for SCM-PtSi probes include conductivity measurements using C-AFM PeakForce TUNA™, electrical force microscopy (EFM), and other electrical characterization applications.

Information on the other two new electrical probes from Bruker, the conductive doped-diamond probe models DDESP-V2 and DDESP-FM-V2, can be found in the article here.

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