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Introducing Bruker’s New Conductive Doped-Diamond DDESP-V2 and DDESP-FM-V2 Probes

Bruker AFM Probes recently introduced three new probes to help AFM researchers get the best characterization information possible during studies that require collection of precise electrical conductivity measurements. These probes enable the highest resolution nanoelectrical measurements while delivering exceptional durability.

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Two of these are new models are the DDESP-V2 and the DDESP-FM-V2 — conductive-doped and diamond-coated to provide high performance during scanning spreading resistance microscopy (SSRM) and Piezo response force microscopy (PFM), which are used to characterize advanced semiconductor devices, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and biosensors. In addition to boosted conductivity, these probes also offer an unrivaled hardness for long life and high-resolution imaging.

The tips of DDESP probes maintain their shape throughout their lifetimes due to their diamond coating. The unsurpassed hardness of diamond keeps the probes sharp and enables the collection of multiple SSRM images using a single probe with no loss of sensitivity or resolution. The outstanding wear resistance and superb conductivity of DDESP probes results in the high performance required for SSRM and C-AFM for studying advanced semiconductor devices, MEMS, and biosensors. In applications such as SSRM on silicon semiconductors where a hard contact between tip and sample is required, we recommend model DDESP-V2; for conductive AFM or when working with softer samples, model DDESP-FM-V2 is recommended.

View the DDESP-V2 and DDESP-FM-V2 data sheet.

Information on the third new electrical probe from Bruker, the conductive platinum silicide probe model SCM-PtSi, can be found in the article here.

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