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Bruker Launches New RTESP/A Probe

E-dispatch-784.inddBruker Introduces New RTESP/RTESPA Silicon AFM Probes
Industry Standard for TappingMode & Non-Contact Imaging Modes

Bruker AFM Probes has introduced an improved version of its popular MPP Line of AFM probes. Bruker’s new line of RTESP/A high quality premium etched silicon probes complements the TESP-V2 range of probes and sets the industry standard for imaging in TappingMode and non-contact mode in air, as well as for force modulation measurements and contact mode imaging.

The new RTESP/A design provides:
• Rotated probe tip for more symmetrical representation of sample features
• Tighter dimensional specifications for improved probe to probe consistency
• Tighter alignment of the tip apex to the cantilever resulting in easier laser positioning over the tip
• Improved probe quality & aesthetics

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