Introducing Bruker’s new MLCT-BIO and MLCT-BIO-DC probes

Optimized probes for lowest forces in BioAFM imaging and force spectroscopy.

Bruker’s new line of MLCT-BIO and MLCT-BIO-DC probes address a range of BioAFM applications, particularly for live cell imaging and force spectroscopy with:

  • Low spring constants down to 0.01N/m for contact mode and bio force spectroscopy
  • Tip radius and apex angle avoids damage on live cells
  • Nitride tip material suitable for bio adhesion / functionalization studies
  • Biocompatible backside gold coating minimizes interference
  • Tight bend specification ensures wide compatibility with AFMs
  • MLCT-BIO-DC adds unique drift compensation on all levers

The added drift compensation on MLCT-BIO-DC enables maintaining low, constant forces in both, contact mode imaging and ramp-hold experiments where force drift often effectively limits the ability to probe cell viscoelasticity.

  • MLCT-BIO six levers/chip with k from 0.01N/m to 0.6N/m, 10-pack
  • MLCT-BIO-DC six levers/chip with k from 0.01N/m to 0.6N/m, , drift compensated, 10-pack