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Bruker Announces New PeakForce Deep Trench, Contact Resonance Probes; Expands Adama Line

October 25, 2018 ─ Bruker has recently introduced new and expanded probe families to address AFM industry needs.

PeakForce Deep Trench

Bruker’s new PeakForce Deep Trench (PFDT) series of probes is engineered to provide accurate depth metrology and imaging on the most challenging structures encountered on semiconductor samples and optics, including trenches and pits with aggressive aspect ratios and depths of more than 100nm.

Specifically designed for Dimension Icon, this probe series leverages PeakForce Tapping technology. PeakForce is well known to be ideal for aggressive geometries, such as deep and narrow trenches, because it avoids the air damping and sticking effects that plague approaches based on resonant modes such as Tapping or non-contact. The cantilever shape, spring constant, and resonance frequency of these probes are highly optimized for PeakForce Tapping, and the spike angle is tilt corrected for Dimension Icon. The result is repeatable, accurate metrology with high throughput and long tip life.

Contact Resonance

Bruker is also introducing a range of probes for contact resonance. All of these probes feature a wear-resistant, conductive diamond coating for highest repeatability and resolution. On a Dimension Icon with FASTForce Volume Contact Resonance, these probes have been shown to provide many dozens of images with no measurable wear or change in nanomechanical values. These probes also employ Bruker’s V2 process for the most consistent tip and cantilever shape, further enhancing measurement consistency.


We have vastly expanded our offering of Adama Innovations diamond probes. Our range now includes sharp and supersharp apex diamond tips for high resolution electrical applications, intermediate radius cone shape tips with outstanding consistency, wide angle tips for highest load mechanical applications, and high aspect ratio pillar tips for the most challenging geometries. All tips feature strong wear resistance, allowing for constant contact size and resolution during long term measurements.