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DLCS-10 Probe Obsolescence

Dear Valued Bruker AFM Probes Customer,

Due to supplier issues beyond our control, the DLCS-10 Supersharp probes in our AFM Probes product lines will be phased out as soon as our current stock is depleted. We apologize for the short timing of this notice.

Bruker recommends that customers purchase TESP-SS probes in place of the DLCS-10 probes, which is the closest equivalent. However the suitability of this probe is certainly application dependent and requires investigation. We are here to help and provide guidance on the appropriate probe, so please call us if you have questions.

Further, if you are looking for high resolution imaging and using a Bruker PeakForce Tapping™ based AFM such as Dimension FastScan or MultiMode 8, you may be able to obtain high resolution images for your application using Bruker’s Silicon Nitride based ScanAsyst™ probes.

Bruker appreciates your business and continuing confidence in our products and technology, and will continue to support your investment in Bruker AFM’s in the years to come.

Please consult your local Bruker representative for any questions regarding this policy or email us at

Lastly please take time to visit our website, for the latest information, promotions and announcement concerning AFM probes.




Dean Dawson
Sr Director of Product Management
Bruker Nano, Inc.