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Webinar: AFM for Solar Fuels Research

In this joint webinar, Dr. Teddy Huang from Bruker will first review recent AFM applications for solar fuels research (converting sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into hydrogen and liquid fuels), covering the intrinsic challenges resulting from both the complexity of materials/device characterization and the limitation from general small-sample AFMs, and introducing the recent progress in finding solutions.

In the main part of the webinar, Prof. Fengtao Fan will introduce spatially-resolved surface photovoltage (SPV) microscopy, a five-year technical and applications development in his lab based on a Bruker Dimension Icon AFM. This KPFM-based SPV technique has been used for imaging the transfer dynamics of photocarriers generated by absorbing sunlight, providing fundamental insights and practical guidelines for device designs. Prof Fan will take the popular semiconductor metal oxide photoanodes BiVO4 and TiO2 as examples to demonstrate recent important applications of the SPV microscopic technique in advancing the solar fuels research.

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