When performing an AFM measurement one of the most important decisions made is the selection of the proper probe. This decision can make the difference between groundbreaking results or hours of lost time-to-data. When making a probe selection, one is faced with a cornucopia of options and this decision may feel daunting.

In this webinar, the information and probe knowledge used by AFM experts to select a probe is presented.
This webinar will begin with the role of the probe in an AFM measurement; covering the fundamentals of an AFM probe such as cantilever stiffness and frequency, probe shape and probe material and coatings. This is then followed by an in-depth, application specific presentation of probes for common experiments. Topics covered include probes for high resolution and high speed imaging; biological AFM, electrical AFM, nanomechanical AFM and Tip Enhanced Raman (TERS). Lastly, several methods for probe cleaning will be discussed. The webinar closes with a review of the Bruker AFM Probes website and probe selection guide.