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Bruker Introduces Dimension FastScan Pro Industrial AFM

Providing Nanometer-Resolution at High Scan Rates for up to 300-mm Samples


Santa Barbara, California – April 25, 2016 – Bruker today announced the release of the Dimension FastScan Pro™ Automated AFM Nano-Metrology System for high-volume measurement environments. FastScan Pro renders performance previously achievable only by AFM experts in research laboratories while delivering the repeatability and reproducibility expected in a production environment. The system integrates Bruker’s proven lowest noise and fast scanning technology to provide the highest throughput without reducing data quality. FastScan Pro also utilizes a highly comprehensive software automation package that features intuitive recipe-writing capabilities to reduce complex measurement routines to simple, push-button operations. This unique industrial AFM solution is completed with Bruker FastScan probes specifically designed to deliver longer tip life and sustained high-resolution data acquisition across hundreds of samples in high-volume environments. With its open access platform, large- or multiple-sample holders, and numerous ease-of-use features, FastScan Pro opens up the power of high-performance, research-grade atomic force microscopy to meet production requirements.

“Bruker has put considerable resources behind moving our unique, highly sophisticated research technologies into production applications,” said Marco Tortonese, Ph.D., Vice President and General Manager of Bruker’s AFM Instrumentation Business. “The FastScan Pro system’s industry-leading ease-of-use, highest resolution performance, greater than ten times measurement throughput increase, and capability to produce over five-hundred data images from a single probe should change the landscape of nanoscale quality control in manufacturing.”

About Dimension FastScan Pro

FastScan Pro incorporates both FastScan and Icon AFM scanners and Bruker-exclusive PeakForce Tapping® technology to perform accurate depth measurements from sub-nanometer steps to high-aspect ratio trenches with high accuracy. Robust software and an intuitive user interface support automated laser and detector alignment. Included is a built-in user-accessible cantilever database for system auto-settings, safe fast-engage control, and easy sample navigation. The system also features new AutoMET software, which delivers fast, automated metrology, exceptional ease-of-use, and AFM adaptability to capture critical-to-quality measurements needed in QA/QC, FA and production.

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